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Inside My Locket: Gayle Perry

Today we're introducing you to Gayle Perry: personal stylist, home stylist, and closet editor.  From our initial meeting, we were immediately drawn to Gayle’s positive, authentic demeanor as much as her elegant radiance. Gayle's past life had her working at the helm of Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, and as director of European fashion for Condé Nast. With her current venture @gaylestyle, she taps into this vast experience to share relatable, yet elevated, head-to-toe looks with everyone who follows her.

What resonates most to us about Gayle's approach is that it is about far more than what's tangible. For her, finding one's signature style is really about self-expression: A foundation to feeling your most confident and empowered self. 

Here, she shares what's inside her locket:

Gayle Perry, Personal & Home Stylist

Which locket do you wear?

I wear the Silver Square Trefoil Locket with my GP monogram.


Gayle's bespoke locket features diamond monogramming with her initials "GP". 

Who - or what - do you carry inside your locket?

My children and my dog

How would you define your aesthetic?

Classic with edge 

Symbol or motif that holds most meaning to you?

The sun. I'm a summer baby and the sun represents hope and optimism.

Who do you plan to pass your lockets onto?

My daughter Sienna who is far more stylish than me, 

When do you feel most inspired?

When I'm making a positive impact on others.

If your life were a film, what would the title be?

Becoming Gayle Style

Words to live by?

If I'm not giving, I'm not living, 




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