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Behind The Trefoil: Leila & Najla

The trefoil, a reoccurring theme throughout our collection, is both an aesthetic and symbolic reminder to always "let the light in". Derived from the curved windows found throughout Gothic architecture, which beautifully allowed light to enter the nave, it is an integral part of the design of every locket and incorporated into many of our charms. 

What letting light in means is completely and utterly personal;  It can be our loves, our motivations, our inspirations, and what makes us feel most empowered. For Devon Woodhill, it is a guiding principle that helps us create in a way that is unified, respectful, positive, and inspired.

In this first segment of Behind The Trefoil, we get to know some of our team members, Leila and Najla as they reveal what they love most about Devon Woodhill and how their pieces help them embrace light.


 Marketing & Brand Communications

Favorite Devon Woodhill moment?

Finally meeting Melissa in person after over a year of working remotely together and breaking into an impromptu photoshoot at L'Avenue at Saks!

How do you like to style your Devon Woodhill pieces?

I don't really have one signature style and am actually more of a "mood dresser" so I love switching up the chains of whatever piece I'm wearing to change the vibe. 

For Christmas I received the Eleven Wishes Necklace and it has literally fused with my body. I never take it off (even for Spin class!) and often gravitate towards it for special occasions, as the way it catches the light is so magical. 


Which Devon Woodhill piece makes you feel like you carry love with you most?

Definitely my Diamond Hidden Heart Charm, engraved with the word "Home". I am originally from New York, but now live in Switzerland, so it is a nice reminder that no matter where I find myself home will always be "where the heart is". 

What do you think makes Devon Woodhill so unique?

It is special to own pieces that carry deep personal meaning, that you know you will pass down to your kids, but can still feel playful and fashion-forward. We always focus on what's important but try not to take ourselves too seriously!

Team Picks: Which Devon Woodhill pieces are you coveting right now?

I particularly love the English Garden Signet Ring which was inspired by how strong female friendships are portrayed on the show, Bridgerton. At a time when we are really acknowledging the power of the feminine, it is a great idea to have that one talisman to signify all my most meaningful female friendships.

Every piece has its moment, and I think for this season the emphasis is really on how you rock it. For example, a Small Signature Locket paired with a longer length Large Signature Locket is always so chic and comes with the added bonus of allowing you to carry 4 pictures instead of 2!




Social Media & Partnerships

Favorite Devon Woodhill moment?

I love our intimate team talks in the moments before diving into brand happenings. We connect in so many different ways and being a mostly remote team hasn't affected growing this part of our relationship. I can't wait for the day when we all get to be in the same room!

How do you like to style your Devon Woodhill pieces?

I wear my Jane Locket when I want to dress up an outfit, and I never take off my Eleven Wishes Necklace

Which Devon Woodhill piece makes you feel like you carry love with you most?

My Jane Locket! Inside I have picture of my family and of my dogs. My locket puts into perspective what's really important in life and cheers me up whenever I'm feeling down. 


What do you think makes Devon Woodhill so unique?

That every piece carries so much meaning and becomes part of your life story. Devon Woodhill pieces capture your happiest moments, and help you keep them as a reminder for when you need them most. 

Team Picks: Which Devon Woodhill pieces are you coveting right now?

I love the Chain Earrings! I'm also a big fan of the Nicole Ring, Hidden Circle Charms in Acid Rainbow and Ombré Trefoil Charms.


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