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Self-Care January

The turn of the year gives us an opportunity to set new intentions and renew our commitment to all forms of self-care. For many of us that means getting out of the house more to safely participate in activities that we make us feel wholesome and upbeat. As we ease into become more active, we are gravitating towards versatile and lightweight jewelry that can become our daily signatures, equally wearable to Pilates as to a night out with friends. These pieces must be suited for an active lifestyle, easy to care for, and in true Devon Woodhill fashion, still carry sentimental significance.

This season's focus on what has been dubbed  “Pilates-proof jewelry” is mirrored by the rise in demand for charms and lockets in our Florentine finish. Florentine is a technique unique to Devon Woodhill, that has become like our brand's version of caviar leather due to never showing fingerprints or scratches. We love it for its  "less is more" modern sensibility, as it is appropriate for every activity and will still look brand new for years to come.

Whether you want something expressive or more minimalistic, here are 5 of our best-selling and most wearable pieces that will take you from day to night, and everything in between: 

1. Eleven Wishes 

This style carries a second-skin feel and barely there aesthetic, while the drops provide a delicate constellation of diamonds to light up your neckline.


A certified pilates-proof way to shine, our chain earrings accent the jawline and elongate the neck, without any strain or discomfort.  

We've reclaimed the heart as a symbol of self-love. It's all about that discrete touch of something that can become your unique signature statement. 

The negative space on our ICYH design allows skin to peek through in a way that is both elegant and modern. We also love how it shows lots of personality, while being able to be layered with other pieces.

Our lockets are simultaneously lightweight and substantial. Highly personalizable, it's as much as how it flatters you on the inside, as on the outside. A talisman that helps you carry love with you wherever you flow.


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