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what makes us unique

Devon Woodhill Jewelry is beautiful on the outside, and also makes people feel beautiful on the inside. With meaning and symbolism infused into every piece, we make extra special gifts to give and receive!



Charms represent where we came from and where we're going. 

Our charm collection is infused with symbolism, drawn from art, life, architecture, spirituality, and universal themes of letting the light in and connectivity. 

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Signature Lockets

A Devon Woodhill Locket is your vessel - your treasured life and light live inside.

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Pillow Lockets

Named for its shape, loved for its modernity.
Our lockets can accommodate up to two photos,
along with other small and meaningful moments.

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Eleven Wishes

11:11 Make A Wish.

 Inspired by the significance of the number 11 in numerology and manifestation, each necklace offers a chance to reflect on what you most desire.

Each Eleven Wishes necklace comes with a special card granting the recipient Eleven Wishes.

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Cha(in)ge it up with our finely crafted chains.

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