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About Us

Devon Woodhill Jewelry is designed to make the wearer feel both empowered and elegant in a classic, yet modern way. We take pride in bringing you expertly-crafted jewelry that has the power to ground and brighten.

Our lockets beam and sparkle yet also hold memories: to honor your greatest loves, your happiest moments, your secret histories– and even your losses, which we turn into (beautiful) reminders of people or moments gone too soon. Devon Woodhill lockets hold the stories of our lives.

 Showing Clients

Our customers often tell us that their Devon Woodhill pieces are their daily go-tos: gold armor that uplifts and emboldens as they take on life. We love hearing stories of what these pieces mean to you, from how you style them to what you choose to tuck into your lockets. 

To Carry Love With You, close to your heart - that's what it's all about.

 X, Melissa


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