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How To Style Your Devon Woodhill Locket

The best part about creating jewelry we love is getting to see how you make it yours. Each of our designs is imbued with heavy meaning and symbolism. Worn individually, Devon Woodhill pieces make an intended statement. And each added layer adds another aspect to your unique story, creating a result that is both glamorous and intriguing (cover image courtesy of Threads Styling).

For some inspo on how to style our jewelry, we put together a quick guide to illustrate how you can combine pieces for a look that is both fashion-forward and uniquely yours.

Part I: Ear Party

We love earrings that offer a completely fresh take on classic styles. This includes combos that demonstrate contrast such as pairing an elegant hoop with a dainty cartilage piercing. 

From Top: Oh! Earrings, English Garden Ring,
Small Evil Eye Locket

The more piercings, the more room for earrings. A full stacked ear can beautifully frame the face, just like fitness influencer Melissa Wood's masterful cascading drop earring line-up, including our Diamond Deluxe Chain Earrings. 


Part II: Ring Combos

Ring placements can communicate many different social cues. While an adorned ring finger often suggests romantic involvement, switching to an alternate finger changes the meaning completely. We find a ring on pointer finger takes a certain finesse. We love how this style frames the hand, while also pragmatically preventing friction between textured rings. To shake up the narrative completely, do rock a full hand. 

  From Left: Brett Signet Ring,
Jane Signet Ring in Pink Sapphires ~ order upon request,

Part III: Harmonizing Lockets & Necklaces

Artfully draping your chain necklaces depends on several factors including your personal taste, physical characteristics and, of course, your chosen outfit.

We advise starting with the daintiest pieces at the top and following with larger pieces. A choker is an excellent way to create a smooth transition from your hair and earrings to the rest of your décolletage.

Part IV: Stacking Bracelets

Elevated charm bracelets are a Devon Woodhill staple. Our oval chain link bracelets are adept for linking and offer endless possibilities for having fun with charm and locket combos.

Oval chain link bracelets and yellow gold rolex

 On Small Oval Chain Link Bracelet:
Rainbow Sapphire Ribbon Tag Charm
Small Rainbow Moon and Stars Locket, Character Charm 

Part V: Stylish Combos

Now it's time to weave it all together. While we shared some of our favorite in-house styling tips, in jewelry there really are no rules. We encourage you to wear your Devon Woodhill pieces however you desire and always, with love and light.
evening bridesmaids looks in 18k yellow gold rings
eleven wishes charm necklace in 14k gold




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