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A Locket For Every destination

Devon Woodhill pieces are designed with heavy symbolism — drawn from art, life, architecture, spirituality, and connectivity. Join us as we make a quick, editorial stop at three of our favorite summer travel destinations and share how each location inspires us to style our jewelry. 

Parisian Summer Nights

model in a curated Parisian look with 18k gold jewelry

Whether it's the Parisian architecture, rich history, the tapestry of the arrondissements, or the French cuisine, we find Paris provides endless creative inspiration. The Devon Woodhill signature trefoil, which can be found throughout our collection and on all of our lockets, was directly inspired by Gothic architecture. This pattern was historically used on window tracery to allow light to pass into the naves of the cathedrals. Our Diamond Trefoil Charm Bracelet showcases this motif in a way that is both decadent and casual.

The French aesthetic is marked by sophistication, sensuality and, of course, an embrace of one's natural and individual style. Our North Star Locket is a great reminder to trust in our inner-compass and intuition. Its beauty is in its simplicity, so we like this locket best draped over button downs and silk blouses. Complete the look with our Harmony Ring and Harlequin Earrings and, voilà, you're ready for an evening stroll by the Seine.

Seaside Strolls in Mykonos

evil eye locket in 18k yellow gold on model

Mykonos is the ultimate summer destination with sapphire blue beaches and unparalleled festive energy. Whether admiring the seascapes or exploring the white-washed streets of the Old Town, visitors are enamoured by the Mediterranean and exquisitely chic aesthetic. Evoke the Mykonos Muse vibes with our Evil Eye Locket, which doubles as both a statement necklace and powerful totem. We recommend layering it with our Eleven Wishes necklace in deep sea sapphires and garnets, a gold Oval Chain Charm Bracelet and our Mini Oh! Earrings for a total Grecian goddess look. 

Day to Night Chic in NYC

NYC cool girl inspired jewelry styling in 18k gold as worn by Melissa Wood health

While this destination is closer to home for many of us, it is certainly no less exciting. A New Yorker's aesthetic is characterized by an enigmatic edginess and unbridled expressiveness. Our Nameplate Necklace is reminiscent of streetwear styles and has the ability to be personalized with engravings, custom handwriting, and diamond-setting. We recommend pairing this piece with our gold Deluxe Chain Earrings, the perfect drop earrings to elevate your ear game (Take a peek at Melissa Wood rocking them here!). Finish the look with our Jane Signet Ring and a Character Charm and you've nailed the New Yorker "off-duty" style.


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