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Inside My Locket: Olivia Lev

Meet the smart, chic, and always sweet, Olivia Lev. Olivia has been the social media coordinator for Goop since 2020, using her creativity to help the "conversation-changing lifestyle brand" reach an even larger audience. Olivia embodies the quintessential values of the Devon Woodhill girl: hardworking, inspiring, grounded, and always authentic. Here, she shares what's inside her locket:

Olivia, Social Media Coordinator @Goop

Which locket do you wear?
 The small Dee locket in yellow gold and white diamonds


Who - or what - do you carry inside your locket? 
My best friend (my Mom) and my boyfriend

How would you define your aesthetic?
Neutrals with a pop of color (usually mustard or pink) 

Symbol or motif that holds most meaning to you?
A lion, since it is what my last name means in Hebrew.
Who do you plan to pass your lockets onto?
My daughter, one day!

When do you feel most inspired?
During Fall, while sitting in the park with fresh air.

If your life were a film, what would the title be?
"Taking Over Manhattan One Step at a Time"

Credit: Ihor Dvoretsky via Unsplash

Words to live by?

Treat others the way you want to be treated.



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