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5 Famous Locket Necklaces in Pop Culture

Lockets have long been a symbol of love, memories and devotion. From family heirlooms to tokens of love, these small yet powerful pieces of jewelry have played iconic roles in popular culture. Here we take a closer look at some of the most famous lockets in literature, film, and IRL.

1. The "Titanic" Locket: One of the most famous locket necklaces in cinema is also known as the "Hope Diamond". The necklace features a heart-shaped locket with a blue stone, and is given to Rose by her fiancé Cal before she boards the Titanic. The locket plays a significant role in the movie and later becomes a symbol of Rose's love for Jack.

2. The "Harry Potter" Locket: In the series, Sirius Black gives Harry a locket as a gift. The locket is a symbol of Sirius' love for Harry and his belief in him. The locket is also connected to the plot of the series, as it is later revealed to contain a Horcrux, one of seven objects that contain a piece of the dark wizard Voldemort's soul.

3. The Princess Diana Locket: Princess Diana was known for her love of beautiful jewelry, and one of her most famous pieces was a locket necklace. The necklace featured a gold locket with a blue stone, and was given to Diana by her husband, Prince Charles. The locket was often seen as a symbol of Diana's love for Charles and her commitment to their marriage.

4. The "Outlander" Locket: In this Pixar favorite, the character of Jamie Fraser gives his wife, Claire, a locket as a gift. The locket is a symbol of Jamie's love for Claire and his hope that they will always be together. The locket plays a significant role in the plot of the series and is seen as a symbol of the love and devotion between Jamie and Claire.

5. The "Up Locket: In the movie Up, Ellie rocks a dainty little golden heart-shaped locket around her neck. It's like a mini time capsule that holds a photograph of her and her husband, Carl. The locket is a symbol of the love and memories shared between the two of them, and in the end, it gets passed on to their young pal Russell as a gentle reminder to hold on tight to his own memories and loved ones.

So next time you watch a movie or read a book, pay attention to the lockets, they almost always hold a deeper meaning than you think. As powerful symbols of love, memories, and a glimpse into the inner world of beloved characters. 


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