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Lucky Charms

 Our charm collection is infused with symbolism, drawn from art, life, architecture, spirituality, and universal themes of letting the light in and connectivity. A personal and poetic approach to jewelry, our array of designs and custom pieces allow you to play an active role in your own look and feelings.

These are not your typical charms. Devon Woodhill charms are up to date, clean, and fresh. They can be dressed up or down, used to inspire confidence, represent fond memories  — and even create them.

small oval link bracelet with charms
The Small Oval Link Chain Bracelet in 18K gold

We've updated the classic charm bracelet to be an everyday staple for the chic, modern, and elevated woman. Personalize and edit your chain link bracelet with our beautifully crafted charms:
character charms

Small and large Trefoil Charms layered with Character Charms

Charms represent special people, places, feelings and moments. The trefoil charm is an homage to gothic architecture when windows were created in this shape to allow beautiful rays to illuminate a space. It is a window into yourself, that can simultaneously uplift and ground you.

Our character charms add a unique element to your jewelry layers. They can be used to represent the initials of a special word or name of a loved one. 

18K gold ribbon charms in diamonds and gemstones
Assorted Ribbon Tag charms in diamonds, sapphires, and gemstones

Every charm has a story and it's just about finding the ones that resonate with your own. The Ribbon tag is to always remember the good; To recognize life as a gift.

18k gold birthstone gemstone charms
Birthstone charms in yellow and rose gold

Charms are a highly personal form of self-expression. It's all about playing homage to yourself, your unique components, and the core of your existence.

18k gold and diamond moon charms in precious stones

Diamond, pink, and blue Moon charms

Charms carry strong intention, giving them magical-like properties. The moon charm represents the mysticism of the night sky. It is a reminder of the beauty and wonder of our existence.

tree charms in 18k rose and yellow gold
Tree of life charms in 18K rose and yellow gold

Charms connect us to our roots. The Tree is a symbol of strength and meaning, shelter and a place of belonging. It simultaneously represents being grounded and solid and with that base, feeling strong enough to reach for more.

18k gold diamond and gemstone hidden heart charms
Hidden heart charms in assorted sizes and diamond/stone combination

The idea of carrying love with you is central to everything we do. It’s about bringing out what we value in the highest quality piece of jewelry to touch, feel, show and hold. Our pieces are talismans — designed with the intention to be passed on to future generations.
By: Najla Solorzano


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