Launching our DW Character Charms with Miamoon in Bahrain
Taking inspiration from life, love and family, Devon Woodhill explores the path each of us takes, through time-honored pieces. It is an ode to the two streets Melissa Levy's children grew up on, Devon and Woodhill, where her journey of love and light began. Today we are delighted to announce the next stop on this journey: The Middle East! Miamoon's in Bahrain is now the first stockist in the region to carry part of the Devon Woodhill collection. If you find yourself in beautiful Bahrain, be sure to stop by and explore our Character Charms, all in 18k gold, available in the full alphabet (A-Z), and with diamond options.

Select your own initials or wear those of the ones you hold close to your heart. 

Our Character charms are perfect for layering with your favorite locket or worn on their own.

December 31, 2020 — Leila Mafoud-Geng