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Inside My Locket: Melissa Levy

Welcome to our inaugural installment of Inside My Locket, a periodic feature on the Devon Woodhill Blog that offers an intimate glimpse into the heart-felt memories some of our wearers carry inside their locket. 

Melissa Levy, Founder & Designer Devon Woodhill

What inspired you to design lockets?

This locket was my grandmother’s - my Mom-Mom’s locket. She would pick me up from school every Friday, and we would go back to her house to play Rummikub and she would have Sloppy Joe sandwiches for my brothers and me... the Jersey kind. Every single Friday, she was wearing this locket with me inside. I have no idea if she wore it every other day - but all I know is when she picked me up she had it on. Nothing made me feel happier, knowing that I was there all the time with her. 

Which locket do you wear?

I wear my Sunrise Pillow Locket and my Monogram Locket.

Who - or what - do you currently keep inside your locket?

A photo of my me and my mom is on one side and her handwriting, M & M is on the other. I also wear the hidden heart charm with a photo of my three kids. I typically wear a short, smaller locket with a birthstone and moon charm, an eleven wishes necklace and a long chain with the sunrise locket or my monogram locket. I also wear a small locket with my mom’s initials on my oval link bracelet every day. 

Who do you plan to pass your lockets onto?

I plan to pass my locket, and the one my Mom wore, to my daughter Jane. I also plan to give my boys lockets in sterling silver with black diamonds to wear, and someday lockets, to whoever is special to each of my children. This is a family affair. Much love to carry!

Symbol or motif that holds most meaning to you?

Each locket is infused with symbolism. I love all the motifs, truly it’s so hard to choose. But if I had to say two, because I can’t select just one, it would be the North Star and Tree of Life. The North Star is a beacon for which we aim, which is unique to each person. The Tree of Life represents the idea that we are all connected, that our roots go deep and connect, and our branches reach for the sky. These are the ideals of Devon Woodhill.

Words to live by?

My words to live by are those that my Mom taught me in her favorite song sung by “Nature Boy”. “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years my husband and I will probably be empty nesters, which is both exciting and hard to believe. I will still be grounded in my hometown which I love, but will be freer to travel and explore which I can’t wait to do! And, I look forward to creating many more lockets and meaningful pieces of jewelry to help people carry the love. 

What do you love most about your designs?

A Devon Woodhill piece is incredibly personal - especially the lockets. What I love about creating Devon Woodhill pieces is that personalization. What’s inside your locket is what you hold dearest to you - and that’s a very unique aspect to what a locket means, and more specifically, what a Devon Woodhill means. I love how each design, each gold color and finish, read differently on each person, highlighting what’s most special and resonant to each person. 




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