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Devon Woodhill's Astrology


Tell us which sign you are, we'll tell you which stones and motifs harness the most powerful elements of your zodiac sign.


Tree Charm. An aesthete, the Anniversary bracelet and quilt ring capture the more luxe end of what Tuarus loves most.


Happy Cancer Season! 🦀

If you are a Crab, you shine best in silvers and blues, like strong armor that protects the softest of hearts. To protect what they love most, many cancers gravitate towards our Evil Eye locket. The true nurturer of our world, your sensitivity is your superpower. Our Raindrop earrings in Blue Topaz capture the natural water, as well as the water within. Ruled by the moon, you dance gracefully among the tides. With a heart full of depths, your love is like water — essential in all its forms and a reflection of all that is beautiful 🌊


Multitaskers like the Dee and North Star locket are perfect for you. Eleven Wishes.


Happy Leo Season! 

If you are a Leo, you were simply born to rock gold. Bold and majestic, you can't help but shine wherever you go. Our large lockets with a custom monogram are simply divine on Lionesses. Hypnotique locket. Sun is ruler of Leo, sunshine charm.


If you are a Virgo you know that to be simple Cabaret simply embody the Virgo aesthetic like no other. Oh! Earrings and Circle Disc charm.


Mysterious, the Libra woman cultivates her inaccessibility to charm her entourage. Driven by a constant search for balance, she is a perfect example of justice and harmony. Queen of indecision, she doesn't always know which way to go. Nevertheless, when it comes to choosing her favorite piece of jewelry, she doesn't ask herself so many questions!

The Club Charm is a daring centerpiece that makes a statement. On bare skin or layered on a nice knit sweater, it is ideal to complete all Libra women's outfits, day or night.


If you are a Scorpio you possess depths unimaginable to most. Chain earrings. Moon and star locket. Moon charms.


Happy Sagittarius Season! 

Life is fun for you. Voyage locket. Sugar ring. Pillow locket. Doing things your own way.


Happy Capricorn Season! 

Eleven wishes. Character charms.


Aquarius. A little bit quirky. The Stellar Charms. The Orbit charms.


Happy Pisces Season! 

The raindrop earrings are simply made for the Pisces aesthetic.


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