Birthstone Charm in 18K Rose Gold


Celebrate your month of arrival with a personalized birthstone charm.


18K Rose Gold Birthstone Charm

Chain Sold Separately

Comes in 12 different variations:

January’s garnet is a symbol of loyalty, passion, and motivation. 

February's amethyst is a sign of tranquility, protection, and sincerity. 

March's aquamarine is a symbol of purity, truth, and loyalty. 

April's diamond is a symbol of clarity, abundance, and balance. 

May's emerald is a symbol of foresight, good fortune, and youth. 

June's pearl is a symbol of purity and innocence.

July's ruby is a symbol of vigor and nobility.

August's peridot is a symbol of dignity and prosperity.

September's sapphire is a symbol of sincerity and nobility.

October's opal is a symbol of faithfulness and confidence.

November's citrine is a symbol of warmth and clarity.

December's turquoise is a symbol of good fortune and success.