To find the perfect image to #CarryLoveWithYou, select a good-quality photo that is available electronically.

Open a new browser window to Odd Prints, where you can re-size + scale any photo to fit your new Devon Woodhill locket or dog tag. 

On homepage, click GET STARTED

Choose file + UPLOAD photo

Click NEXT

Enter your FRAME SIZE (ensure preset is CUSTOM)

  • Large Locket/round1.5" x 1.5"
  • Small Locket/round0.75" x 0.75"
  • Modern Dog Tag0.75" x 1.5"


Save image in next window to your DESKTOP (File > Save As > ). Close window.

Open saved image on your DESKTOP


Select PAPER SIZE (4 x 6 photo paper, previously loaded into printer)

Select PRINT

Once you have your photo printed, use template provided to outline selected area of photo.

Carefully, with scissors, TRIM photo around outline.

Open STICKY DOTS (provided) on a flat surface to expose adhesive.

Gently press back of trimmed photo onto a sticky dot.

Carefully peel the photo off the paper backing, exposing the other side of the dot.

Repeat using 3 sticky dots for a large locket + dog tag (being careful not to overlap stickies).  Use only 1 sticky dot for a small locket.

Now you are ready to place photo in locket, taking care to center it in the locket. REPEAT for other side. Each locket or dog tag can hold 2 photos.

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